On March 3, 1891, the United States Congress passed an Act to compensate settlers on the frontier who lost property to Indians while they were supposedly in amity with the United States.  Case File 4726, an Indian Depredation occurring in Clay County in 1866—Daniel Waggoner vs. the United States and the Kiowa and Comanche Indians—was concluded in the United States Court of Claims in 1898.

George Halsell, Dan Waggoner's brother-in-law, was murdered by the Indians in this uprising.

Daniel Waggoner BookThe following were named or participated in the testimony:  Ben T. Allen; Aaron Anderson; Thomas Ball; Marion C. Barnes; J. H. Barr; Henry Buchanan; General Carlton; Joe Carter; Charles D. Cates; Cooke; William E. Craddick; J. L. Davis; Henry DeCourtney; Elephalet P. Earheart; S. M. Earheart; A. Edwards; Elijah Emberson; Rudolph Fisher; Jesse P. Fullingim; Thomas W. Gamel; Thomas Garrett; Morris Gilbert; William H. Graham; John W. Hale; George Halsell; J. Glenn Halsell; Peter P. Harding; Hugh M. Hardwick; Silas Hare; Chief Horseback; Charles B. Howe; William Hudson Hunt; Pat Kemp; Lorenzo Labadi; Eli Lindley; Solan Loving; John Luman;Cerajpe Mahne; J. H. Martin; F. H. Milholland; T. J. McMurray; Eliza Nicholson; A. B. Norton; Harry Peyton; George B. Pickett; General Pope; Emma Reed; Sylvanus Reed; Blue Roberts; Charles W. Russell; William P. Russell; Belle H. Shortridge; Calvin Smith;  J. R. Stevens;  R. N. Stevens; Marion Thomason; John Waggoner; Hiram Wainscott; Isaac Wainscott; J. W. Williams; Matt Williams; William M. Williams; T. H. Wilson.

Exclusive in Clear Fork Kinship are 78 pages of testimony given in this case from original documents on file in the National Archives.



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